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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finally some Last Frontier Theatre Conference photos

As you know, Kevin is at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez Alaska.  He is totally without telephone connectivity and there is an intermittent wireless Internet connection.  But he was able to get some photos to me and the Associates were able to help me post them.

Kevin with Steven Hunt, a playwright who is not only on the festival program's cover but one who played Kevin in a Fringe performance of his play "Command Performance."  Steven's wife Deborah Gideon played Carol in Kevin's Play Lab performance of "The Art of Love."
Kevin and his wife, playwright Jennie Olson Six, flank first-time playwright Marina Veronica Garritano.  Marina "hit a home run on the first pitch," says Kevin of her play "Sfumato".
The B Room Boys.  It turns out that the first two people that Kevin and Jennie met in Valdez were playwrights who were also showing plays last Thursday and all in room B.  Kevin's "The Art of Love" was first, followed by Brian Walker's (center) FB:a ghost story and David Clark's "BANANAPOCALYPSE".  A fine showing, says Kevin.
Jennie not only got a play into the Fringe, but got it noted on the Fringe Board.  Jennie's introspective "Last Day" was well received by the Fringe audience who are used to edgier faire.

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