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Kevin and Bill

It all started at San Diego Junior Theatre in 1977. Kevin and I lived near each other and our mothers decided to carpool. It was a day that will live in infamy! We laughed and joked all the way to acting class. On my 16th birthday, I received a 1970 Dodge Challenger -- one of the best muscle cars ever made! From then on, Kevin and I rode together. We spent our teen years driving, raising hell and getting kicked out of one after another Junior Theatre class.

Then, as our acting careers were to be consigned to the trash heap, one teacher said, "I'll take them. How bad can they be?" And that is how we met DJ Sullivan, a woman who would change our lives for the better -- for ever. DJ was just full of love. From the first time she met us, we felt welcome. The class was the most advanced one at Junior Theatre at that time and all kinds of restrictions had to be waived for us to get in to it and -- for the record -- though we didn't know how bad we had it at Junior Theatre, we succeeded with flying colors.

We became quite good at acting, once given the skills, the encouragement, and healthy competition from the kids in the class. Some of those kids included Brian Mitchell, Christian Hoff, Daren Scott and many, many others. One of the greatest things about DJ was that she was a working actor. In fact, she spent 1/2 her time in Los Angeles and was always working on great projects with great people. And, when she couldn't be at class, she had these great actors and comedians fill in for her.

DJ also taught an adult class that Kevin and I were asked to join after an apprenticeship. There we met all the great actors in San Diego and became adept at acting the Michael Shurtleff  method. DJ was the first of Michael's disciples and taught us so much about acting, life, love and theatre that we will forever be eternally grateful. Thanks, DJ!
As the years went by, Kevin went in and out of acting. He was always one of the most talented actors I knew but could never seem to get a career going. He got into arts administration and worked all over the place in San Diego, finally becoming Executive Director of City Moves! a dance education organization. I gave up acting in the late 80s and moved all over the country in search of a career. I landed at a top literary agency in New York, which I cannot mention, and worked for a person whom I also cannot mention. The best I can tell you is that I left for my health. I have since done many things, including breeding Chinook Dogs, teaching special education and dabbling in real estate.

I am now semi-retired but Kevin brought me back into the business because he has become quite the dramatist. We hadn't seen each other in years when I read that one of his plays was going to be read. I saw the play, reunited with Kevin, and decided to represent him in 2008. I know you'll like his work as I do.

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