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What's New?

This just in...

Kevin is spending the Fall and Winter in Blaine, WA of all places (for a surfer)! He has been cast in a short film, in which he plays God, and is working on a short play about an apple farm, tentatively titled Water, Air, Sun, and Done. More information from the PNW as it becomes available...

Kevin's monologue Stupid was published in Audition Monologues for Young Women #2.

Kevin Six's three short play cycle, The Art of Love, was performed at the Last Frontier Theatre conference recently.  By day, the conference concert readings of works in progress and at night presents fully-stages programming produced by Alaskan theatre companies.  Anchorage's TBA Theatre produces a night of romantic one-act plays.  The Art of Love was well received!

Kevin Six's monologue Integrity Problem isMonologues from the Last Frontier Theatre Conference featured in Monologues from The Last Frontier Theatre Conference, The best of the 2009-2012 Monologue Workshop.

The Actors Edition of Kevin's Love Negotiated is available! See it here!!

We're talking about grantwriting again.  Kevin did this for five years (and one million dollars) But felt that it stifled his creativity.  We feel that one million bucks can buu a lot of creativity.  Will let you know if Kevin agrees to write grants for a unique and valuable project...

We've just negotiated a contract for Kevin's monologue "Stupid" to appear in a highschool theatre text.  Will give you more information as it comes available.

Kevin's monologue, "Stupid," is being published by JAC Publishing’s interJACtions: Monologues from the Heart of Human Nature, Volume II.  For more information, visit Amazon.com.

Though no promises were made, we just sent Kevin's most recent one act play to a producer for consideration.  The play might just be produced next May.  Woo Hoo!

The Last Frontier Theatre conference will feature Kevin's play "The Art of Love."  Congratulations Kevin and bundle up as Alaska is colder than San Diego even in June...  More information here: www.theatreconference.org/

Upstart play publisher Next Stage Press is in negotiations with us to  publish and manage the rights to Kevin's great play Love Negotiated. We are accepting offers until that deal is finalized...

Kevin wrote a play for the Erotic Shorts festival for the Working Collective: www.theworkingtheatrecollective.com

December, 2009: Sweedenborg Hall is producing The Art of Love: Plays About Love and Art featuring Kevin Six's play formerly known as Love, Unrequited in Three Galleries.  (Love, Unrequited... is now The Art of Love.) The play, an other plays set in galleries by Craig Abernethy, Jacqueline Goldfinger, Kristina Meek and Jennie Olson, runs Spring, 2010.

November, 2009: Kevin's latest monologue "Stupid" will be included in a collection called
Mother/Daughter Monologues Volume One: Babes and Beginnings published by the International Centre for Women Playwrights.

 March 1, 2009: Love Unrequited in Three Galleries was accepted by the New Perspective Festival and will premiere in June, 2009. Rights: inquire.
Feb 14, 2009: Love Negotiated received its World Premiere at Swedenborg Hall.  Read the reviews here. Rights: available now.

Feb 6, 2009: Love Negotiated Takes Second Place 
in the Heller Theatre Contest.  Read more here.

Oct 10, 2008 Kevin Six is the new Playwright in Residence at Swedenborg Hall.  Read the Press Release here.

Sept 9, 2008.  Kevin Six' Love Unrequited in Three Galleries wins First Place and an Honorable Mention in ScripTeasetrs' Script Tease of Short Plays.
June, 2008: No Problem has was produced - and videotaped - twice. See one here. Rights: available now.

March 2008:The Cake Women (not handled by this office) was recently published by Smith & Kraus, and is available online at Barnes and Noble.


Nov 2007: The San Diego Reading ofLove Negotiated.

July 2006: The New York Reading of Love Negotiated.

Kevin Six with legendary Old Globe and Junior Theatre founder Craig Noel.

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