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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sandy Hotchkiss Bio

Sandy Hotchkiss is the co-founder of the Talent To aMuse Theatre Company.  She was also the co-founder and co-director of the Wisconsin Theatre for Children, Inc. where she wrote, produced, and performed throughout the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota for years.  A small sampling of her acting work in the San Diego area includes Bessie in Marvin’s Room, Joy Gresham in Shadowlands, Mama in I Remember Mama, Jeanette in Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Toinette in The Imaginary Invalid, Rebecca the Fairy in William S Gilbert’s Foggerty’s Fairy, and most recently in Talent to aMuse’s first production at 10th Avenue as Fonsia in David L. Coburn’s The Gin Game.   

Most people though will recognize Sandy from her extensive commercial work (most recently in commercials for Sycuan, Grossmont Center and the Ford Accord as well as billboards and menus for Cocos.  She can also be seen as one of the Dancing Grannies in the Travis Pastrana video promoting the X Games in LA.

O. P. Hadlock Bio

With over 400 production credits in almost every aspect of theatre, O.P. Hadlock brings a unique array of experience to any theatrical endeavor.  He earned a B.A. in Acting/ Directing and a M.A. in Scenic/Lighting Design from California State University, Long Beach.

O.P., or Patrick to those who know him, lists over 40 acting performances in a vast array of roles as well as a background in dance both on stage and television.  Most recently, he has portrayed Weller Martin in The Gin Game at The 10th Avenue Theatre, Dr. Frederick Treaves in The Elephant Man at OnStage and Col. Nathan Jessup in A Few Good Men at the Lyceum.  He has directed 19 productions and written six plays, 15 screenplays, three novels and two short stories.  Well over 60 productions had their graphics and publicity designed by O.P.  He also held the position of Business and Promotions Manager for three theatres and an arts festival at C.S.U.F.

O.P. has worked as a Technical Director at a California University (C.S.U.S.B.) and a road house (East County Performing Arts Center).  He designed lighting for 50 shows, scenic design for 35 shows, costumed six shows, designed sound for over 30 shows, and crewed over 250 shows.  He studied make-up with Richard Corson.   O.P. co-founded and was technical consultant to The Rainbow Theatricans (a professional children’s theatre company that toured into shopping malls).
Since 1990, O.P. has resided in San Diego with his lovely wife, Christine, and their menagerie of pets.  When he relaxes, O.P. spends his time at his computer, reading, attending concerts and plays, live gaming, and enjoying fine food and wine.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Post Number Two

We're still testing Twitterfeed and Social RSS in the wake of news, from RSS Graffiti that they're folding.  Sad news indeed. In this post, we're placing the photo in a different place.  Having fun!

Twitterfeed vs. Social RSS

We're doing an experiment at the agency today.  We set up clients' blogs and feed them to their Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. We used to use RSS Graffiti to send posts from the blog to Facebook, but they're going out of business April 1 (hope it's a joke but we think not)

So we've set up our blog's RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed to post to Facebook via both Social RSS and Twitterfeed.  There are positives and negatives to both (one is more free than the other, one id ad-supported, etc.). What we really are interested in, though, is what the posts look like.

This means that our Facebook Page and Twitter account are about to get a lot of posts (or not) with a lot of looks (or not) and we're going to do it all from the blog. We'll post a lot in different configurations to test the look of both products and let you know what we think. On the Blog.

And it will be sent to the... well, you get it.