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Kevin Six

has been acting, directing and writing for the stage for over 30 years.  He has appeared at Compass, the Old Globe, Fritz, the Marquis, Swedenborg Hall, Intrepid Shakespeare and San Diego Junior theatres as well as on several industrial and commercial film projects.
Kevin was the 2009-11 Playwright in Residence at Swedenborg Hall.  His play Love, Unrequited, in Three Galleries won the 2008 Scripteasers’ Script Tease of Short Plays. His play The Cake Women was published by Smith and Kraus’ and his play, Love Negotiated was produced to critical success in 2009; it will be published by Next Stage Press in early 2012. 

Read samples of some of his plays below:

Full Length Plays

Love Negotiated

Cast: 4 W, 4 M
This hilarious comedy is about love, except no one knows what love is.  Some try, some succeed, some fail but all are trying to negotiate love amongst lawyers, exes, pre-nuptial agreements, post-nups and a lot of fear. Keep an eye out for details on a new publisher in 2012.


The Rules of Engagement

Cast: 7 W, 2 M
This play serves up several opportunities for women and especially women in stage combat.  Follow Libby/Presta as she traverses the states of woman from maid, to lover, to mother to crone and even Goddess.


Patsy Presley and the Patron Saints of Swing

Cast: 1 W, 3 M, Band
Follow Patsy Presley from angry female Elvis impersonator to a talented singer/songwriter who' feels love.  Accompanied by The Patron Saints of Swing, this musical features America's best: Country, Rock-n-Roll, Punk and the Blues.

One Act and 10-minute Plays


The Art of Love

Cast: 5 W, 6 M
Three 10-minute scenes that take place in galleries of the San Diego Museum of Art.  A great one act or three great 10-minute pieces about losing and finding love.


No Problem

Cast: 2 actors
See if you can follow what One is saying to Two.  Kevin can't and he wrote it.  We think you'll love it. 
See the video.


The Cake Women

Cast: 4 W, 1 M
Paul can't get it right with women -- and his former girlfriends haunt him when he's with the new ones. 
Published by Smith & Kraus, and available online at

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