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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kevin Six's play to be produced?

Though no promises were made, we just sent Kevin's most recent one act play to a producer for consideration.  The play might just be produced next May.  "Woo Hoo!" says Kevin.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Writers as Artists

This album was re-made as a bowl.  See more below.
Writers will do anything for money -- even create art.  Our friends at BizCenterArt are having a 70s art show and Kevin Six has decided to show there.

His art has to do with finding albums at garage sales and thrift stores, melting them down in a complicated and dangerous process and then molding them into useable art in the form of pencil holders, bowls and boxes.

Kevin has created a boogie wonderland of 70s albums.  From roller disco, to mushy teen idols to hard-driving country rock, these new albums will give you something to put your stuff in.

The art show is on August 25th at Biz Center Art (information here) and we made Kevin a website to showcase the art.

To see for yourself, view the CoolRecordHolders website.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Facebook Photo Dance

Every once in a while, while scrolling through Facebook, you come across photos that were taken seconds apart.  By scrolling back and forth, toy can make the people dance!  I have created two gifs that illustrate my point:

Funny Headline

UT San Diego-Street Night & Day_07_12_2012_114739.PDF: Have your badge ready
and your ray gun in its holster

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


For Immediate Release:

Perihelion Theater Company and Productions presents

(Love is an Action Verb)

written and directed by Karyn Traut
Featuring Dylan Guy

AFTER (nearly) 200 YEARS FRANCES WRIGHT RETURNS TO SCOTLAND!  Once here she takes you on a journey back to Tennessee and the mid 1920’s where she confronts the audience as if on a fund raising trip for her beloved commune, Nashoba.   Describing her upbringing and ideals that led her to creating the commune where slaves could work to earn money to free themselves, women could experience love without giving up their rights of property and freedom to a husband, where blacks and whites could co-mingle and produce children whose skin, according to Frances, would be more suited to the blistering Tennessee sunshine, she reveals her unexpected confrontations, successes and failures.  All at Nashoba were expected to work the land to feed the group.  Ride sidesaddle while clearing trees?  Not for her.  She doffed the billowing mounds of fabric skirts and petticoats in order to ride astride, and… cropped her hair.   Such ‘manly’ couture created nearly as much outrage as her wearing of  --what today would look more like harem --trousers. 

Has she acquired an American accent?  We think so.  Gifted as a linguist who spoke both French and Italian, she apparently had no trouble adapting to the rustic American tongue. Her shocking activities never ceased. She wrote a play, Altorf, actually signing her name to it. By itself such signature created a stir but when the play was performed with an affianced couple’s kiss—it was too hot for the 19th century.  Late in life, Fanny, as she was known, took on workers’ rights.  Was there anything she missed?  Why doesn’t everyone know about her?  Perhaps she was too hot to handle.  Come find out.

Influenced by Pirandello, Strindberg, and American playwright, Megan Terry (who was herself influenced by      Gertrude Stein) Karyn Traut brings Frances Wright from 1820 into the present. Perihelion continues with its tradition of hosting discussions about the content of the play after each performance AND rehearsing on skype -- possibly the first theater company on earth to do so.   In 2011 Brian Wescott was in Fairbanks, Alaska during one rehearsal while actress, Anoo Tree Brod and director, Karyn Traut were in Chapel Hill North, Carolina. This year actress Dylan Guy is in New York City while Karyn Traut is in Chapel Hill, where Perihelion is based.  Dubbed ‘Home of the Healing Play” by Spectator Magazine (of the Research Triangle of North Carolina) in 1998, Perihelion Theater Company, was incorporated in 1989 as an American 501c3 tax exempt corporation.

We are delighted to be returning to the fringe and Sweet Venues where our 2011 production of THE REALM OF LOVE OR FOLDING LAUNDRY garnered 4 stars: “Enlivening, inspiring and immensely thought provoking.” http://www.theatreguidelondon.co.uk/reviews/edinburgh2011-2.htm

Venue 18 – Sweet International 4
Dates: 3rd-17th, 19th-24th, 26th-27th August
Time: 13.10 – 14.00 (includes 10 min
                            Discussion after the show)
Cost:  Aug 3:    
Box Office Tel no: 0131 243 3596 (Active from 1st August)
Contact: Karyn Traut email: Ktraut@nc.rr.com
Tom Traut email: Traut@nc.rr.com
Press contact for Sweet Venues- Lynne Campbell
Email: lynne@sweetvenues.co.uk

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Talking Woman Play Reading 8-11-12

See a reading of Mark Hiss' new play Talking Woman at 7:00 p.m August 11th, Twiggs Green Room.
"Talking Woman"
Talking Woman post card

Talking Woman Play Reading

Sometime San Diego writer Mark Hiss will have his play, Talking Woman read at Twiggs Green Room at 7:00 p.m. Saturday, August 11, 2012.  In Talking Woman, a haunted newspaper photographer and a beautiful burlesque dancer from Tijuana navigate passion and politics in post-World War II San Diego.

Twiggs Green Room, next to Twiggs Coffee House, 4590 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA  92116.  (619) 296-0616.
Lady & Devil

The photo that started it all...

In Mark's words: "her name was Soria Moria. She was a burlesque dancer at the Hollywood Theater, which was eventually demolished to make way for Horton Plaza. She was run out of town in 1949 thanks to an ordinance the city council passed banning "immoral" entertainment. The play is inspired by her story."
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mark Hiss' Talking Woman Aug 11

Mark Hiss will have his play, Talking Woman read at Twiggs Greenroom at 7:00 p.m. Saturday, August 11, 2012.  In Talking Woman, a haunted newspaper photographer and a beautiful burlesque dancer from Tijuana navigate passion and politics in post-World War II San Diego.  Twiggs Greenroom, 4590 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA  92116.  (619) 296-0616.

Friday, July 6, 2012

La Mesa’s Biz Center Art Presents “Inside Out” With 70s-Themed Opening Reception Aug. 25

Contact: Midge Hyde, 619-466-3711, midgehyde@gmail.com

San Diego, CA (July 8, 2012) Biz Center Art, the art gallery in residence at the La Mesa Biz Center, is featuring art based on the Biz Center’s funky architecture for its upcoming August show.  Biz Center Art is going 70s for its juried show “Inside Out,” with an opening reception from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 25th.

Biz Center Art gallery manager Midge Hyde says, “We have a very nice arrangement with the La Mesa Biz Center so we’ve decided to embrace the 70s architecture, inside and out, it in a big way.”  Hyde says she’s making a special request for artists to submit art that looks and feels like the 70s, art that includes the Biz Center Art building, and anything else “up to and including painting on black velvet.  Our jury is going to rate black velvet paintings very highly.”

The 70s theme won’t stop with the art.  People are asked to come to the opening dressed in their 70s best, a DJ will spin 70s classics, and Hyde is furiously searching for the fondue pot she got for her wedding.  “The jury’s still out on that one but they are looking into any and all interesting 70s things we can do for ‘Inside Out’,” she said.

Biz Center Art is one of the only art galleries in La Mesa.  Located at 7317 El Cajon Boulevard, La Mesa, CA 91942, Biz Center Art shows the work of local artists in bi-monthly juried exhibitions.  Artists submit their art, at the gallery, to a jury of artists and art specialists.  Art chosen for each show is hung for two months and seen, appreciated, and often purchased, by people who work at the Biz Center or come there for meetings and events.  Opening receptions kick off each art show.

Artists are asked to submit their 70s-themed work at the Biz Center Art gallery from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. on August 7 or 8.  For more information, artists, art lovers or curious souls are asked to visit the La Mesa Biz Center (7317 El Cajon Boulevard, La Mesa, CA 91942), call gallery director Midge Hyde (619-466-3711), email (midgehyde@gmail.com) or visit the new website at www.BizCenterArt.com. 

Biz Center Art and the La Mesa Biz Center welcome art seekers during business hours, during evening art openings, and by appointment.

#  #  #