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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kevin Six's "The Art of Love" receives performance

More Than Words
Erin Dagon Mitchell, Lisdsay Lamar, Shane Mitchell and Rob Lecrone.
The Last Frontier Theatre Conference hosts actors, directors, playwrights and theatre professionals from around the world.  During the day, plays are read and commented on by audiences and experts, and at night, Alaska's professional thatres present their best work, fully staged.

Playwright Kevin Six presented his play "The Art of Love" at last year's festival and, this year, it was given a full production by Anchorage's TBA Theatre.  "The Art of Love" shared the stage with plays by Carl Bright, Dawson Moore and P. Shane Mitchell in a program called "More Than Words, an evening of romantic one-act plays".

TBA's Erin Dagon Mitchell directed the program and and excellent cast of fifteen (12 Alaskans and three from Los Angeles) executed a fine evening of delightfully poignant and romantic plays.

Here is Kevin's take on the production:
There was something surreal about watching a fully staged production of my play. The last time I did it, I was so involved with the production that I couldn't really sit back and enjoy it. But, on May 24th, there I was in the Valdez Civic Center watching along with hundreds of others. And it was good, too!

I had very little to do with the production -- as it was developed in Anchorage Alaska and I wasn't there for any of the rehearsals. So to see actors in costume, walking on a set under warm lights, was a real treat. It helps that the director, Erin Dagon Mitchell, totally understood the play! The Last Frontier Theatre Conference is full of workshops and Play Lab readings during the day, but at night, the festival's organizers ask local theatre companies to bring their best productions.

On Friday, May 24th, TBA Theatre brought "More Than Words" to the conference. A selection of short romantic plays by myself, Carl Bright, Dawson Moore and P. Shane Mitchell, the production was a nice light touch after a week of intense workshops -- and more intense theatre at night. So thanks, TBA theatre and cast!

==It should be noted that W. Simmons and Associates handles the rights to "The Art of Love," and most of Kevin Six's other work.  Please contact us for details==