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W. (Bill) Simmons, canter, with Jessica Sherridan and Kevin Six
Hello and welcome to W. Simmons & Associates, the smallest big literary agency in Washington state.  I have been pulled out of retirement, thanks to to Kevin Six, an excellent writer and a good friend.  His writing style is unique, funny and poignant.

Also fast and reliable.

While managing Kevin's theatrical pursuits, it struck me that Kevin should spend more time getting paid to write.  He's already a blogger of some standing. (If you don't believe me, search his name and see if he doesn't beat out Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon by a country mile.)

That's because Kevin understands the nature of blogging.  So we decided that I should manage him as a blogger, copywriter and press release manufacturer too.

But Kevin's real love and passion is writing plays about people confronted by love.  Please take a leisurely stroll around this website and browse the offerings.  When you're ready, e-mail me and we'll talk about getting Kevin's words into your hands.



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