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Monday, July 30, 2012

Writers as Artists

This album was re-made as a bowl.  See more below.
Writers will do anything for money -- even create art.  Our friends at BizCenterArt are having a 70s art show and Kevin Six has decided to show there.

His art has to do with finding albums at garage sales and thrift stores, melting them down in a complicated and dangerous process and then molding them into useable art in the form of pencil holders, bowls and boxes.

Kevin has created a boogie wonderland of 70s albums.  From roller disco, to mushy teen idols to hard-driving country rock, these new albums will give you something to put your stuff in.

The art show is on August 25th at Biz Center Art (information here) and we made Kevin a website to showcase the art.

To see for yourself, view the CoolRecordHolders website.

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